About Monte Barrett

Monte "Two Gunz” Barrett is a former heavyweight champion who has competed in the boxing world on the highest level for 18+ years. He was the first boxer to ever drop and almost stop David Tua, one of the hardest hitting heavyweights in this era. Barrett has fought on the top networks, such as HBO, Showtime, ESPN, USA, as well as Pay-Per-View events, and many other TV Networks.

Monte Barrett won some titles, and had some major accomplishments inside and outside the ring. But according to Barrett, his greatest achievement, besides the titles, money, cars, and traveling, are his faculties. Barrett is proud to say that he's still sharp as a razor. For 18 years he fought the best of the best all around the world, and coming out in one piece was his greatest victory. That’s a championship title to have for a lifetime!

This has been a milestone miracle for Barrett, going from the mean streets of South Jamaica, Queens, NY into the heart of the boxing world. He’s very much involved and still relevant in boxing due to his commentary position, passion for boxing, and all the amazing connections he acquired during his extensive career. Boxing has given him the opportunity to travel all over the world, meet interesting people, build some great personal and business relationships with people such as Joe Murray, and the late Al Davis and Jimmy O’Pharrow; while learning some lessons from boxing and life along the way. Barrett maximizes the wealth of knowledge and wisdom gained from those experiences, and uses them in his life and business today.

Monte Barrett Highlights

• Fighter of the Month for Ring Magazine
• Athlete of the Month for Sports Illustrated
• First athlete to sign with Rocawear in 1999
• Featured in an Article for Men's Health
• Outstanding Athlete in 2004 for New York
• Ranked #1 & #2 in WBC, WBA, IBF, & WBO in 2004 & 2005
• Fought for Heavyweight Championship Twice with Two Heavyweight Eliminators
• Fought for the World Heavyweight Championship in 2005 & 2006 on HBO Showtime
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